4 Tips That Help To Fight Your Fatigue

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4 Tips That Help To Fight Your Fatigue

In modern life stress-phase series are very often. Permanent time pressure, too much work and information overload put the body constantly on alert, often resulting in fatigue. How can you help your body to gain new strength?

Stress is considered to be a major cause of fatigue but it can produce other problems as well. Frequent tiredness or weakness may also have other causes, such as Iron deficiency or thyroid problems.

If you often feel exhausted, it is important to investigate the causes for of the exhaustion as soon as possible.

Often a simple blood test with the family doctor can provide information on whether deficiency, a disorder or in fact “only” stress is behind the symptoms.

Peace and nutrients as a remedy for stress and exhaustion

Regardless to what causes symptoms, such as tiredness and fatigue, the body is exhausted and it needs a rest and increased intake of energy, so regular and healthy meal is a must.

Admittedly, in a flurry of everyday chaos it sometimes seems almost impossible to stop and organize yourself but if you already suffer from fatigue symptoms, you should definitely take enough time to rest. Even small breaks, for example, 30 minutes nap or a short walk around the block will help the body and mind to refuel.

If possible, try to spend more time in the fresh air (for example in the park) or in a quiet place (small café or in a quiet corner in the canteen).

Do not eat junk food. Take only healthy foods (salad, whole grains etc.) and prepare healthy snacks before the time in the office. For example: vegetable sticks, grapes, bananas, wholegrain biscuits.

Treat yourself to “5-minute time-outs”. Stay extra five minutes under the shower, just to enjoy the warm water or briefly refuel yourself between appointments, on a bench or at the sunlight.

Specific tips for a more balanced diet

Eat every day fresh fruit and vegetables.

Never skip breakfast. Cereal (preferably without sugar) and wholemeal bread give enough power for the day so consider these as your first choice.

Provide your body with sufficient strengthening carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes). Rule of thumb: At least half of your daily caloric intake should come from carbohydrates. Important: Choose whole grain versions of these foods! Take every day protein-containing foods. For example, poultry, eggs, nuts or fish.

Avoid eating fast food, microwave meals, chips and an excessive amount of sweets. These foods do indeed harm your body, without giving enough energy to the body.

Drink every day, 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Dietary supplements can assist the body

Many people who are frequently or permanently exhausted, suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency and that is the fact. In addition to the change of diet, nutritional supplements can help the body, providing with enough vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins and nutrients that are missing from the body can be taken in that way. Some people are using nootropics in order to boost their effectiveness and their abilities, so we could say that is another way of giving your body required vitamins – although is not quite natural, it is still good way to support and improve your body.