Memory and Memory Retrieval

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Memory and Memory Retrieval

Issues with memory and memory retrieval are a plague of old age. But elderly people are not the only group that may have these problems. Problems with memory may occur to children and in some cases to adult members of our community. Problems with memory and especially memory retrieval can be mild where people forget a thing or two from time to time, but they also can be serious problems where people forget about important things in regular rate. People that have memory problems can’t follow conversations and a lot of said things are not recorded by their brain.

   For a long time people are looking for ways to solve these issues and to increase the capacity of their memory and to enhance memory retrieval. Most basic way to try and solve these issues or to increase the capacity of the memory is through practice, but results are very small so people are looking for some medical ways to do it. One of the most promising drugs right now is Choline Bitartrate supplement.

Choline Bitartrate is a supplement that helps people pull more out of their memory abilities.  Choline is produced in our body, but the amount produced is very small. Choline was just recently added to B vitamin family, and it is identifies as phospholipid which means that is a fat found in cell membranes. Choline and its other versions affect Acetylcholine which is responsible for memory formation and other similar cognitive processes.

cholineCholine Bitartrate is consumed orally and it arrives to your brain through bloodstream, blood-brain barrier and central nervous system. Cholline Bitartrate doesn’t arrive to brain in its own form (it must be converted in another form), which means that not all of the Cholline Bitartrate you consume will get to the brain. This reduces its effectiveness if you compare it to other sources of Choline such as Citicoline or Alpha GPC.

Once it arrives into the brain it helps in storage and synthesis of Acetylcholine which boosts stimulation and communication of Cholinergic receptor in the brain. This increases the mental capacity of the brain which includes learning abilities and improved memory. Many people have reported the increase in memory retrieval speed and efficiency. Cholline Bitartrate improves mental fluidity which reflects in doing tasks like thinking, writing and hold conversations with less effort.

Choline is important in proper functioning of the nervous system and brain. Its influence is found in muscle contraction and coordination. Choline also helps our bodies fight memory related diseases and other issues that concern memory.

 As any other chemical compound, Cholline Bitartrate can cause some side effects. In the majority of cases where people take normal dosage of Cholline Bitartrate there are not side effects, but in small number of people it can cause some stomach problems like vomiting and diarrhea. People who take Cholline Bitartrate in dosages that are higher than the recommended might suffer low blood pressure, increases perspiration and/or salivation, dizziness and fishy body odor. If you get any of these side effects then it would be smart to discontinue the use of Cholline Bitartrate or to return to normal dosage.