Nootropics – Main Types of Substances

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Nootropics – Main Types of Substances

Nootropics, substances which help you enhance your brain powers and increase your focus, concentration, productivity and so on, come in many shapes and sizes. There are many varieties of nootropics known today; most important ones can be classified as either, drugs, supplements, foods and other substances. This article is about the drugs, meaning artificially synthesized substances usually taken in the form of pills. Although there are many drugs sold and being marketed  with positive effects on brain functions, the most famous and common ones are:

 Noopept (chemically: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester) is a type of peptide sold and promoted in Russia and surrounding countries. It is prescribed as a nootropic. It was developed in Russia and the name Noopept is a protected trademark. It can also be found in USA, recommended as a dietary supplement and used as medication as well. Even though noopept is not a racetam, it is commonly grouped along with these substances. It shares the main characteristics of racetams because it modulates the acetylcholine systems, also the AMPA receptors. Some studied have found that noopept than piracetam, the main racetam drug.

Phenylpiracetam (phenotropil carphedon) is also a product of Russian pharmacology. It is phenylated analog piracetam (falls in the group of racetams) and is available as a prescription drug. Studies have shown that phenylpiracetam has many positive effects on brain functions, such as antidepressant, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant and anti-amnesic properties. Some studies have shown that phenylpiracetam can be used clinically to treat a number of conditions, mostly encephalopathic. These include lesions of brain blood vessels, brain injuries and even types of glioma. It is also prescribed as a general stimulant because it can help with tolerating extreme temperatures and stress. It cannot be found in drugstores in the West, it can be bought as prescription medicine in Russia, named Phenotropil. It is found on the list of banned stimulants of the World Anti-Doping agency because it is shown to increase physical stamina and it will increase tolerance to cold weather.

noopept-reviewPhenylethylamine is a name which signifies a class of chemicals. This class includes many members which all have stimulative and psychoactive properties. Phenylethylamine works as a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter (to a much lesser degree) in the human central nervous system. It is present in the systems of most mammals and can be found in many other organisms. It is also found in many foods: chocolate being most famous one. Certain fungi produce Phenylethylamine too. Phenylethylamine is mostly sold as a supplement to diet because of its many benefits, most prominent ones being weight loss and mood enhancement.

Huperzine A is a type of alkaloid (sesquiterpene alkaloid) which is found in certain types of firmoss, specifically Huperzia serrata. This alkaloid has been shown, in many studies, to have positive effects on people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, although these studies were found to be poor quality and that the results have to be taken with care.