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4 Tips That Help To Fight Your Fatigue

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4 Tips That Help To Fight Your Fatigue

In modern life stress-phase series are very often. Permanent time pressure, too much work and information overload put the body constantly on alert, often resulting in fatigue. How can you help your body to gain new strength?

Stress is considered to be a major cause of fatigue but it can produce other problems as well. Frequent tiredness or weakness may also have other causes, such as Iron deficiency or thyroid problems.

If you often feel exhausted, it is important to investigate the causes for of the exhaustion as soon as possible.

Often a simple blood test with the family doctor can provide information on whether deficiency, a disorder or in fact “only” stress is behind the symptoms.

Peace and nutrients as a remedy for stress and exhaustion

Regardless to what causes symptoms, such as tiredness and fatigue, the body is exhausted and it needs a rest and increased intake of energy, so regular and healthy meal is a must.

Admittedly, in a flurry of everyday chaos it sometimes seems almost impossible to stop and organize yourself but if you already suffer from fatigue symptoms, you should definitely take enough time to rest. Even small breaks, for example, 30 minutes nap or a short walk around the block will help the body and mind to refuel.

If possible, try to spend more time in the fresh air (for example in the park) or in a quiet place (small café or in a quiet corner in the canteen).

Do not eat junk food. Take only healthy foods (salad, whole grains etc.) and prepare healthy snacks before the time in the office. For example: vegetable sticks, grapes, bananas, wholegrain biscuits.

Treat yourself to “5-minute time-outs”. Stay extra five minutes under the shower, just to enjoy the warm water or briefly refuel yourself between appointments, on a bench or at the sunlight.

Specific tips for a more balanced diet

Eat every day fresh fruit and vegetables.

Never skip breakfast. Cereal (preferably without sugar) and wholemeal bread give enough power for the day so consider these as your first choice.

Provide your body with sufficient strengthening carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes). Rule of thumb: At least half of your daily caloric intake should come from carbohydrates. Important: Choose whole grain versions of these foods! Take every day protein-containing foods. For example, poultry, eggs, nuts or fish.

Avoid eating fast food, microwave meals, chips and an excessive amount of sweets. These foods do indeed harm your body, without giving enough energy to the body.

Drink every day, 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Dietary supplements can assist the body

Many people who are frequently or permanently exhausted, suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency and that is the fact. In addition to the change of diet, nutritional supplements can help the body, providing with enough vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins and nutrients that are missing from the body can be taken in that way. Some people are using nootropics in order to boost their effectiveness and their abilities, so we could say that is another way of giving your body required vitamins – although is not quite natural, it is still good way to support and improve your body.

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Improve Cognitive Functions of Your Brain

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Improve Cognitive Functions of Your Brain

The brain is the most important organ of our body, that is why you should take certain measures to prevent difficulties and diseases that can affect it. Exercising your brain is the great way to improve all functions not only the cognitive functions of your brain, and even if you think you could do this easy, playing some mind exercising games on your computer, it is not like that. For your brain to increase functions of both hemispheres and exercise cerebellum is not enough sitting in front of your desktop computer and playing some games that are said to improve this –  instead, you will have to dedicate yourself to exercising for real and by this we mean physical exercises, nutrition change is one more thing necessary for your brain functions to fully operate, however there are certain drugs and medications that can help you with this too.

Hormones that your body produces while exercising have multiple benefits for your brain and for your memory. Fitness and swimming are the two things recommended by every doctor, however, you should know when to stop, getting extremely tired and exceeding your physical limit can have opposite influence on your brain and you would not be able to do anything after your workout. There are some less demanding physical activities if you really are not a lover of exercising, that can have the same influence on your brain and that are martial arts such as Tai Chi and Meditation in general, relaxing your body and relieving of the everyday stress can have great influence on your cognitive functions.

Curiosity killed the cat proverb does not apply to situation when you want to improve your brain’s cognitive functions, all the opposite, curiosity and creativity have several benefits for your brain. Especially for kids, do not ban your kids drawing and making their little art project, enroll them into some after school activities, playing musical instruments or training some sport can really help their brains to develop and improve their cognitive functions which will be responsible for their success later in life.

Walking benefits brain activitySocial connection is one more thing that can increase your cognitive functions, lifestyle of majority today is not so connected to other people, even though we now have different and numerous social networks they are not the same as when you actually meet your friends and acquaintances and talk with them, the experiences you can share and he problems you can solve together all influence on your cognitive functions in the best possible way.

Exercising your cerebellum can be done in one more way, and that is taking the recommended amount of Huperzine A, a drug derived from a Chinese plant that has multiple benefits for your brain. Similar to herbs such as green tea, it can improve your learning skills, improve your energy levels and protect your nerves. Nootropics are also a type of drug that are typical cognitive function’s enhancements and that is not their only benefit, the intelligence improvement and memory recovering are also the things Nootropics can help you with.

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Improving Cognition – How and With What

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Improving Cognition – How and With What

Cognitive decline due to stroke, other illness or simply due to passage of time can be slowed down and in can be prevented through taking some habits and sticking with them. In order to do a brain workout you must engage in different activities that will fire up different parts of your brain.

Medical research is working on some ways to control the decline of cognitive abilities and to prevent them if possible. Some of the possible solutions help in prevention by covering some parts of the prevention process (they stimulate some parts of brain, and thus keeping them working) and others work on stopping or even reversing the effects of cognitive decline.

L-Theanine is one of the more promising possibilities in prevention of cognitive decline. L-Theanine is a relaxing agent, but it doesn’t cause sedation and it is also confirmed that it reduces the perception of stress and it slightly improves attention. If you mix L-Theanine with some Caffeine it improves the cognition. Cognitive benefits of L-Theanine can be seen through theanine that is found in green and black tea ingestion.

Until there is definite medical solution for prevention of cognitive decline we must fight it with what we can which is training our brain.cognition

A healthy body will house a healthy brain which is why physical activity is really important in prevention of cognitive decline. Part of the brain that is responsible for memory is stimulated by certain hormones that are released during exercise. But, to mention it early, brain workout must involve several of the ways of brain training that will be mentioned, not just one.

Need for new experience may subside once certain years pass, but the openness to new experience is needed to stimulate the brain. Stagnation in finding new exciting things makes the brain stagnate in which case it doesn’t do anything which should not be allowed.

Creativity should not be discarded and curiosity should be welcomed. Studies have shown that any kind of creativity boosts the brain functions which prevent cognition. For example, by playing an instrument brain starts to work a bit differently than it used to have, it integrates the whole new range of information. Several different studies came with the conclusion that curiosity especially in reading books has positive effects on brain functions.

   Cognitive-Impairment Lack of social connections and healthy interactions with other people cause disrupted sleep, elevated blood pressure and high levels of stress. By increasing the amount of social interaction these effects are reduced and after some time they stop disrupting brain functions.

Meditation which includes reflection on past events is also a good way to stimulate your brain by remembering different things which cause an array of emotions to show up. But thinking during that meditation should not be limited to past. You should stimulate your brain by envisioning different versions of your future as well.

Playing games that will train your brain as well as solving different puzzles are entertaining ways to keep your brain at 100 percent. But remember mixing several ways of brain exercise is necessary so don’t sit and play games all day, include some other forms of this brain exercise as well, because that is the only way to prevent cognitive decline and to improve your cognition.

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Nootropics – Main Types of Substances

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Nootropics – Main Types of Substances

Nootropics, substances which help you enhance your brain powers and increase your focus, concentration, productivity and so on, come in many shapes and sizes. There are many varieties of nootropics known today; most important ones can be classified as either, drugs, supplements, foods and other substances. This article is about the drugs, meaning artificially synthesized substances usually taken in the form of pills. Although there are many drugs sold and being marketed  with positive effects on brain functions, the most famous and common ones are:

 Noopept (chemically: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester) is a type of peptide sold and promoted in Russia and surrounding countries. It is prescribed as a nootropic. It was developed in Russia and the name Noopept is a protected trademark. It can also be found in USA, recommended as a dietary supplement and used as medication as well. Even though noopept is not a racetam, it is commonly grouped along with these substances. It shares the main characteristics of racetams because it modulates the acetylcholine systems, also the AMPA receptors. Some studied have found that noopept than piracetam, the main racetam drug.

Phenylpiracetam (phenotropil carphedon) is also a product of Russian pharmacology. It is phenylated analog piracetam (falls in the group of racetams) and is available as a prescription drug. Studies have shown that phenylpiracetam has many positive effects on brain functions, such as antidepressant, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant and anti-amnesic properties. Some studies have shown that phenylpiracetam can be used clinically to treat a number of conditions, mostly encephalopathic. These include lesions of brain blood vessels, brain injuries and even types of glioma. It is also prescribed as a general stimulant because it can help with tolerating extreme temperatures and stress. It cannot be found in drugstores in the West, it can be bought as prescription medicine in Russia, named Phenotropil. It is found on the list of banned stimulants of the World Anti-Doping agency because it is shown to increase physical stamina and it will increase tolerance to cold weather.

noopept-reviewPhenylethylamine is a name which signifies a class of chemicals. This class includes many members which all have stimulative and psychoactive properties. Phenylethylamine works as a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter (to a much lesser degree) in the human central nervous system. It is present in the systems of most mammals and can be found in many other organisms. It is also found in many foods: chocolate being most famous one. Certain fungi produce Phenylethylamine too. Phenylethylamine is mostly sold as a supplement to diet because of its many benefits, most prominent ones being weight loss and mood enhancement.

Huperzine A is a type of alkaloid (sesquiterpene alkaloid) which is found in certain types of firmoss, specifically Huperzia serrata. This alkaloid has been shown, in many studies, to have positive effects on people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, although these studies were found to be poor quality and that the results have to be taken with care.

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